Miff workshop 2020 052
  • Instructors

    Patrick Bio photo
    Patrick Tomasso
    Lizzie peirce avatar
    Lizzie Peirce
    Miff workshop 2020 spenser sakurai lighting 048
    Spenser Sakurai
    Jack coyne avatar
    Jack Coyne
    Frederic van strydonck avatar
    Frederic van Strydonck
  • Skill Level

    Level 2

    You’ve shot video before but are looking to take it to the next level. You understand the basics but want to know how the pros do it.

  • What You Get

    7 hours of learning

    + 5 micro lessons

    + 5 recorded Q&A sessions

    + Exclusive filmmaking knowledge

  • Learn Filmmaking

    5 Pros share their techniques.

    Session 1 - Pre-Production by Frederic van Strydonck
    Session 2 - Lighting by Spenser Sakurai
    Session 3 - Shooting by Lizzie Peirce
    Session 4 - Sound by Patrick Tomasso
    Session 5 - Editing by Jack Coyne

Pre-production with Frederic van Strydonck

1/5 (73:00)

You’ll learn how to plan the shoot, what gear to bring, pick locations, select talent, and build a production plan. It sounds boring, but this is the secret sauce to making your video project successful. Learn to: Develop a pre-production plan. Make a storyboard. Scout Locations. Find the right gear. Find talent and run rehearsals. Make a budget.

Lighting with Spenser Sakurai

2/5 (68:00)

Learn the techniques for adding and controlling light. We’ll take you through different types of scenes, showing you how to make your lighting cinematic. Learn to: Convey mood through lighting. Make films cinematic and professional. Shape and manipulate light. Craft a beautiful frame.

Shooting with Lizzie Peirce

3/5 (59:00)

The camera goodness, you’ll learn new moves and specific techniques for capturing better footage. We’ll run through equipment, composition, and motion. Plus cover lots of small, must-know tips. Learn: Camera movements. Shooting techniques. Gear like tripods and gimbals. Shoot techniques. How to create mood using shooting style.

Sound with Patrick Tomasso

4/5 (113:00)

Your film is only as good as your sound (or music). We’ll show you how to capture richer sound, select music, and make it all come together as one video. Learn to: Record Professional-Sounding Voice Over. Record Audio On Set. Properly Use A Lav Mic. Implement Sound Design. Master Your Audio In Post.

Editing with Jack Coyne

5/5 (84:00)

Maybe the most important class of the workshop -- you’ll learn lots of preferences on how to organize footage, lay up your project, and cut your footage. We leave plenty of time for Q&A. Learn to: Cut and sequence your footage. Pacing. Shot selection. Bring your story to life in post-production.