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  • Infinity Adjust Stand for iPad Pro & iPad Air

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  • Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging

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  • Heavy Metal Headphone Stand

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    LAB22: Ultimate Line of Adjustable Tech Stands

    The cooperation between Sara Dietschy & Moment brought forward totally unique stands for your devices that are not just functional but look awesome on your desk.

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    The Infinity Adjust Stand for iPad

    It's time to start using your iPad as an iPad again We wanted a high-performance iPad stand that was incredibly adjustable (from drawing to a second screen), packed a much stronger magnet, with a killer aesthetic made from solid metal.

    It's meant to be touched.

    The Magnetic Phone Stand with Dual Wireless Charging

    One of these Desk Accessories is an amazing wireless charging phone stand that is tilt adjustable and packs the strongest magnets. Now you can charge your phone and a second QI-Compatible device at the same time, both wirelessly!

    The Heavy Metal Headphone Stand

    We can't have your headphones just chilling on your desk, so as a part of the LAB22 project we made this all-metal headphone stand that's super stylish and practical too.

    Because Your Devices Deserve To Stand!