Gifts for Film Students: 9 Things ALL Aspiring Filmmakers Want

Every aspiring filmmaker has a wish list, and we've compiled the BEST gifts for film students as well as future filmmakers young and old.

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Gifts for Film Students: 9 Things ALL Aspiring Filmmakers Want

What To Buy the Aspiring Filmmaker

It’s that time of year, folks. We wanted to gather some of not only our favorite go-to beginning filmmaker tools, but we expanded beyond our community for the best items you’d want to get any aspiring filmmaker. From smaller things, like filters, to big ticket-items, like the Sony ZV-1, this is the list you need for that special someone.

At A Glance…

Fits on a phone, no problem.

Have you literally seen anything more amazing? No.

To Know:

This is Moment’s first ever diffusion filter. As a non-technical photographer, I had no idea what a “diffusion” filter was or how most creatives produced that dreamy haze in their photos and video. When I heard more about the simplicity of this gracious tool, I grew more and more excited. After trying it for our shoot with the Marias in LA, I’m fully convinced I’m never taking it off my camera. There’s something explicitly magical about the use of our baby, CineBloom, and I’m increasingly more inspired to create future projects.

What We Love:


Glowy lights, soft skin tones, and a dream-like haze takes off that digital edge.


While I’m still able to use this filter on my film camera, I can simultaneously manipulate my digital images and video to look like film.


Keep your camera scratch and dirt free with CineBloom’s protective layer of premium glass.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Price: $49.99 - $79.99

Product Type: Diffusion Filter

Best For: Filmmakers and Photographers looking for a softer, less clinically sharp image straight out of the camera.

Shop CineBloom

To Know:

Available as a 2-5 stop or 6-9 stop, our Cine Variable ND filters are the secret sauce to controlling your exposure on your drone. Made with premium Fused Silica Glass, these filters are crisp edge to edge without color fringing or cross polarizing. By using aerospace-grade aluminum we were able to cut unnecessary weight out of the filter body in order to maintain peak gimbal functionality. Precision machined grip provides easy control over your filter strength and easy removal from the drone. Made to shoot on the go, the filters also feature hard stops at both ends of the range to prevent unwanted cross polarization for the cleanest image possible.

What We Love:

More Control

Hard stops on both ends of the stop range for more precise control.


Body machined from aerospace grade aluminum to withstand use, drops, and adventure.

Includes All You Need

Includes a foam lined, metal carrying tin for protection on the go and a microfiber cleaning cloth.

The Details:

Brand: DJI

Price: $149.99

Product Type: Drone Filter

Best For: Filmmakers needing that extra step of control for their drone footage.

Shop Mavic Pro 2 Filters

To Know:

Looking to make better videos? Jesse Driftwood is an incredible filmmaker who will teach you everything he knows about creating compelling videos for the internet. You’ll see his entire workflow, from shooting to editing, and see how he manages to amaze his audience with transitions, action and comedy. This lesson is available online for just $99 to anyone with a stable downloadable internet connection.

What We Love:

Made For Everyone

Truly made for anyone willing to learn intel from a classically trained internet extraordinaire.

Includes Download RAW Footage

Includes footage from the man himself to edit and create your own story.

Jesse Dives Deep

He’ll take you through practical skills that he’s picked up over the years to plan shoots, find stories, add personality, use transitions, and keep the audience engaged.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Price: $99.99

Product Type: Online Lesson

Best For: Those who are good at shooting video, but are looking to improve specific skills.

To Know:

A pocket-sized camera with uncompromising imaging technology and unique features for content creators and vloggers that lets the subject shine in any scene. Featuring Sony’s advanced Realtime Eye-AF 3 and Real-time AF tracking with simplified Background Defocus function, Face Priority AE (auto exposure) and Product Showcase setting made specifically with content creators in mind.

What We Love:

Pixel Peepers Are Impressed

High bitrate 4K movie 2 w/ full pixel readout and no pixel binning

Built-In Lens

Versatile 24-70mm1 F1.8-2.8 ZEISS lens.

Great for Dramatic Scenes

Super slow-motion movie HFR 7 (High frame rate) up to 960 fps.

The Details:

Brand: Sony

Price: $698.99

Product Type: Vlogging Camera

Best For: Content creators needing a quality camera for vlogging sequences and YouTube videos.

Shop Sony ZV-1

To Know:

The OM 4 is the latest gimbal in the DJI Osmo line, it's also the most affordable, easiest-to-use gimbal out of the box. The OM 4 is all about the single-button shooting experience. Press record, shoot, and the DJI app will take care of the rest. It’s point-and-shoot camera simplicity with modern gimbal functionality. The OM 4 was designed to make filming with a gimbal easy, any phone, no counterweight needed. The OM 4 smartphone stabilizer is a must-have handheld gimbal for content creators.

What We Love:

Includes Lots of Features

Slow Motion, Timelapse Mode, Hyperlapse, Sport Mode, Story Mode.

Genius Technology

Improved, precise ActiveTrack controls than the previous OM 3.

Dolly Zoom

Dolly Zoom makes for added creative direction and control.

The Details:

Brand: DJI

Price: $149.00

Product Type: Mobile Gimbal

Best For: Any mobile filmmaker in need of a stabilized tool for professionally graded footage.

Shop DJI OM 4

To Know:

The SC7 is a high-quality shielded patch cable, designed to allow the VideoMicro to connect to TRRS compatible devices such as the iPhone or Galaxy or Pixel. The gold-plated contacts are colour coded, with grey indicating the TRRS output. The cable is colour matched to the red TRS to TRS cable that is supplied with the VideoMicro, and is easily fitted by inserting the TRS (black) jack into the rear of the microphone and the TRRS end (grey) into the smartphone or tablet.

What We Love:

Use With Your Favorite Mic

Pair it with the RODE VideoMicro to record better audio on your phone.

Expand Beyond Your Horizons

Some native camera apps do not support recording audio from external microphones, in these cases you will need to use a compatible 3rd party app.

High Quality

The adapter has extremely high quality sound.

The Details:

Brand: RODE

Price: $15.00

Product Type: Mic Adapter

Best For: Aspiring filmmakers who don’t have the means to attach a mic to a new phone; this adapter will do the trick.

Shop SC7 Adapter

To Know:

The Moment Anamorphic Lens is the holy grail of filmmaking. It makes your videos pop with yummy flares, that wide screen look, and true black bars on top and bottom. It makes video on your phone not look like cell phone looks like a movie. Designed with our premium glass, you get edge-to-edge clarity and true Anamorphic flare. Gotta get it.

What We Love:

Works Will (Nearly) All Major Phones

Works with the latest Apple, Google, Samsung and OnePlus devices.

Incredible Quality

The 1.33x anamorphic lens brings the organic look and character of 2.40:1 Cinemascope to Moment’s mobile platform.

Unmatched Durability

Made with aerospace grade metal and the same hand-polished glass used for high-end 4K film lenses.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Price: $149.99

Product Type: Mobile Lens

Best For: Mobile enthusiasts with a taste for cinematic gold and Hollywood-like quality. Anyone with an Apple, Google, Samsung, or OnePlus devices can enjoy.

Shop Moment Anamorphic Lens

To Know:

The MC is Aputure’s first light to include full Hue, Saturation, & Intensity (HSI) color control. With 360° of hue and 100 levels of saturation adjustment, you have the power to conveniently reproduce any color, all in the palm of your hand. The Aputure MC isn’t just a light that relies on Red, Green, and Blue LEDs. By adding two additional white LEDs — one balanced at tungsten and a second at daylight — the Aputure MC is an impossibly small light that competes with industry giants.

What We Love:

Range of Hues

Choose any color temperature in the MC’s expanded bi-color range between 3200K-6500K, in increments of 100K.


Built-in magnets and 1-4″-20 screw mount allow you to place and use it anywhere in seconds


There’s 9 built-in lighting effects presets.

The Details:

Brand: Apurture

Price: $90.99

Product Type: Portable Light

Best For: Creatives needing some added artificial light for creative projects and studio portraiture.

Shop MC RGB Mobile Light

To Know:

The MeFOTO S Tripods are ready for travel on any photo adventure. Use it as a Tripod or a Monopod, the Backpacker S is versatile for any job. The reverse folding design allows it to be super compact for fitting inside cases or attaching to camera bags. Ideal for smartphones, point & shoot, mirrorless, micro 4/3, and DSLR cameras.

What We Love:

Solid Grip

Special anodized aluminum twist locks - these twist locks have deep ridges for a solid grip. Each lock is anodized to give it a clean and protective finish.

Turn Into a Monopod

Convert the tripod into a full-size monopod by combining one of the legs with the center column.

Will Surely Lock Your Camera In

Dual-action ball head uses an Arca-Swiss style quick release plate and has separate controls for pan lock and ball lock.

The Details:

Brand: MeFOTO

Price: $159.95

Product Type: Tripod

Best For: Really anybody needing a solid standing tripod that can turn into a monopod upon demand. Solid quality with an even better grip for security.

Shop Backpacker S Tripod

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