Gift Guide for the Mobile Shooter | Mics, Filters, Accessories & More

Skip the hefty camera price tag and expand your mobile photography or filmmaking. Read our list of curated mobile filters, lenses, and rig accessories.

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Do you know someone in your life that loves to shoot on their phone? To capture beyond quick snaps with the native camera, offering high-quality mobile lights, lenses, mics, gimbals, and more is Moment's bread and butter. Between the various MagSafe Mounts we sell and the many beloved filters to produce better manual control — there's something for everyone. Shop for yourself while you're at it; we don't judge.

Our Top Picks

Best For Content Creators
Moment DJI CP OS 00000213 01 Osmo Mobile 6 thumbnail


Osmo Mobile 6

  • Built-In Selfie Stick
  • Compact & Super Portable
  • Just Roll to Control
For The Hollywood
130 004 Moment lens anamorphic Gold Flare thumbnail Edition2b


Anamorphic Lens - Gold Flare

  • Crisp glass.
  • Clean gold, warm flares.
  • Hollywood style cinema.
For Quick Stabilization
107 027 moment mobile filmmaker cage thumbnail


Mobile Filmmaker Cage - for MagSafe

  • High quality build.
  • Easy to hold and move.
  • Attach via magnet, that's it.
107 027 moment mobile filmmaker cage thumbnail


Mobile Filmmaker Cage - for MagSafe®

Are you a mobile filmmaker? Mount your phone and all your accessories faster than ever, to the first MagSafe compatible and most versatile mobile video cage!

Buy for $99.99
Moment DJI CP OS 00000213 01 Osmo Mobile 6 thumbnail


Osmo Mobile 6

Looking for a convenient hassle free smartphone gimbal? The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 is building on years of knowledge and is the go-to folding phone gimbal for most.

Buy for $159.00
130 004 Moment lens anamorphic Gold Flare thumbnail Edition2b


Anamorphic Lens - Gold Flare

Get that unique wide cinematic film look on your phone with the Moment Anamorphic Lens Gold Flare! It gives you bright warm flares and a 1.33x widescreen look

Buy for $139.99
600 123 moment cine flare blue 67mm thumbnail


CineFlare Streak Filters

You want Anamorphic Flares on any lens? We got you covered with our CinFlare Streak Filters. Just the Juicy adjustable Flares you love, on your favorite lens

Buy for $69.99

Taylor in Chinatown shot at 20% diffusion.

Moment cinebloom 49mm 20per thumbnail


CineBloom Diffusion Filters

You wanna capture dreamy, film-like footage on your camera or smartphone? The Moment CineBloom Diffusion Filters are the secret sauce! Available in 5%, 10%, 20%

Buy for $59.99

In 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm.

Moment VND Filter Bundle thumbnail


Variable ND Filter Bundle

Surely you want the secret sauce to controlling exposure! Moment Variable ND filters are it, get both 2-5 stop and 6-9 stop Neutral Density filter in this kit

Buy for $300.00
Moment Tele 58mm Lens 01


Tele 58mm Lens

Get the goodness of your main smartphone camera and 2x magnification! The Moment Telephoto 58mm is the sharpest lens designed for iPhone, Pixel, Galaxy phones

Buy for $119.99

Image shot on the Moment Fisheye 14mm lens.

Moment Fisheye 14mm Lens 01


Fisheye 14mm Lens

Get everything in frame! The NEW Moment Fisheye 14mm Lens is wider than an ultra-wide and cheaper than a GoPro. With a 170 degree huge field of view

Buy for $89.99
Moment aputure MC thumbnail


MC RGB On Camera LED Light

You want the ultimate pocket size RGB LED light? The Aputure MC is arguably the best in this category. Use the Sidus Link app unlocks even more of its features

Buy for $90.00
Moment lumecube LC PANELMINI1 Panel Mini thumbnail

Lume Cube

Panel Mini

Arguably the best small value for money Bi-color LED light! The Lume Cube Panel Mini is made for creators who need a compact yet powerful lighting solution

Buy for $69.99
Moment 106 133 rugged camera sling 6 L thumbnail


Rugged Camera Sling

The Camera Sling you’ve always wanted and can trust to carry your gear! Protective on the outside, padded and organized on the inside, comfortable for all day.

Buy for $129.99
Moment Rode smart Lav PLUS Smart Lav thumbnail

RØDE Microphones

SmartLav+ Lavalier Microphone with 3.5mm for Mobile Phones

You need a broadcast-grade TRRS mic? The Rode SmartLav+ is a wearable microphone designed for use in a wide range of film, television, and broadcast scenarios

Buy for $79.99
Joby JB01643 BWW wavomobile moment thumbnail


Wavo Mobile - Micro Shotgun Microphone for Phones

We know you're on a budget but still want a good microphone. The Joby Wavo Mobile is a lightweight, on-camera mic for mobile filmmakers, run-and-gun shooters

Buy for $39.95
Mag Safe Pro Mount Tall On Phone2 No Case thumbnail


Tripod Mount - for MagSafe®

The most seamless way to mount your phone! Turn any tripod MagSafe compatible using Moment Tripod Mount. Attach accessories with the included cold shoe mount

Buy for $69.99
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