Fujifilm X100V Review: Full Coverage and Hands On Video

Versatile, volant, and viable, the black Fujifilm X100V blends impressive imaging capabilities all while perfecting specs for any street photographer.

Fujifilm X100V Review - Girl holding camera up to face.

Fujifilm X100V Review

A gorgeous upgrade from FujiFilm’s predecessor that gloats high-tech specs crafted for the professional street photographer.

Looking at the pics like... :)

Gorgeous exterior that looks like true vintage.

Small enough to fit in the jacket pocket.

To Know:

Versatile, volant, and viable, the black Fujifilm X100V is the fifth-generation of the X100 series, blending impressive imaging capabilities, a distinct design with an apt prime wide-angle lens, and a flexible feature-set to suit an array of shooting needs. Utilizing a proven and well-regarded APS-C-format 26.1MP X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor, the X100V is capable of high-resolution recording along with support for DCI/UHD 4K video, sensitivity from ISO 160-12800, and continuous shooting up to 11 fps with the mechanical shutter. The BSI design of the sensor affords reduced noise and greater overall clarity and is paired with the X-Processor 4 to achieve fast performance and improved responsiveness.

What We Love:

There’s not a whole lot of features I don’t love about this camera. Fuji is no stranger to incredible JPEGs straight from the sensor’s source, making it easy for edits on the fly. The flip-up screen is truly a game changer for those who wish to shoot from the hip while capturing the streets. Its 23mm F/2.0 fixed lens works swimmingly for shooting lifestyle imagery, since it actually turns into a 35mm equivalent on a full-frame sensor (important to note that the 100V is a cropped mirrorless sensor!). Designed for higher resolution, lower distortion and improved close focus performance, this lens is a significant upgrade from the design used on previous X100 cameras, while maintaining the same overall size and compatibility with legacy WCL/TCL conversion lenses, and retaining its internal ND filter that now features 4 stops.

The Details:

Brand: Fujifilm

Price: $1,399.95

Camera Type: Mirrorless

Lens Used: 23mm F/2.0 Fixed Lens (35mm Equivalent on a Full-Frame Sensor)

Best For: Street scenes, wide angle portraits, lifestyle images, Instagram sponsored posts, short GIF’s made with its video capabilities, and on-the-go captures.

Buy Fuji X100V

A jacket pocket sized vintage-inspired camera that was, quite literally, made with the street photographer in mind.

This camera was, quite literally, made for street photography. Its clean color profile, delicious film emulators, and vintage exterior shell proved to me that this tool is more than just ordinary. I have boasted about my X100F in the past and felt compelled to upgrade after toying with this brand new baby. With it’s flip up screen, you’re able to fully shoot at the hip while roaming the streets for an even more discrete feel within your street photography. The X100F became more difficult to shoot over time because I’d have to bring it up to my eye and my subjects would feel and look uncomfortable. I don’t want weary faces when they see me taking a picture — I want to capture what they looked like before they saw my camera. The flip up screen also showcases a live preview of selected settings, making it easy to manually change your ISO and shutter speed on the go. Best part? You can fit this right inside your jacket pocket with ease; perfectly snug against your body for a low-profile silhouette.

The images are as sharp as can be, truly incredible JPEG files straight out of the camera. While the X100V is not new to FujiFilm’s fun film stock emulators, it does have some varied options for those who might prefer a subtle look, or a dramatic vibe. It’s f/2.0 is as sharp as a small camera can take — tack sharp. This has been dramatically updated from Fujifilm’s X models’ previous specs, boasting an evermore apparent reason to add this puppy to your camera bag.

Let’s address an elephant in the room — you’re not going to buy this for video. While it does shoot 4K at 30FPS, it doesn’t shoot at 24FPS which is the preferred speed for a more cinematic look. If you’re wanting to grab just a few shots on your day out shooting, you can do so and it’ll look creamy, but I wouldn’t shoot an entire production on the 100V. There are better, more preferred options out there. Like Fuji’s X-T4.

  • 90 Degree Flip Up Screen: The camera includes a flip up screen that encourages street photographers to shoot at the hip while on the go.
  • X-Processor 4 Image Processor: Gorgeous colors straight from the camera that allows users to put their trust back in the JPEG.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing: Fuji rocks the sexy vintage shell unlike any other brand, making it easy to add this to your camera shelf back home.
  • Not For Video: While the video is passable and does a great job for hobbyists, I wouldn’t suggest his being a camera for a professional.
  • The Colors: The log-profile screen grabs from video seem almost too good to be true; they boast natural colors and realistic detail. Beautiful straight out of the camera.

Rich colors that come straight from the JPEG file.

Taylor smiling in front of a window with gorgeous highlights.

Handles dynamic range well.

Perfect for swiping shots on the go from the hip.

Capture on the fly with lots of grand detail.

Background motion is top notch.

Lazy birds out the window.

In Detail

The X100V features a new 23mm F2.0 lens to ensure every detail from its sensor has been resolved beautifully. Designed for higher resolution, lower distortion, and improved close focus performance — this lens is a pretty significant upgrade from the design used on previous X100 cameras. It still maintains the same overall size and compatibility with legacy conversion lenses, but also retains its internal ND filter that now features 4 stops. It’s essentially a brand new camera that fits in our pocket, looks sexy, and proves its specs are worth a change of pace.

Handles sunny highlights like a champ.

Look at the shadow... :)

Always underexpose street images for better post processing.

Shoot up close, or far away. Either works for the 23mm lens.

What It Has:

  • Lens Cap
  • Hot Shoe Cover
  • Shoulder Strap
  • Metal Strap Clip
  • Clip Attaching Tool
  • Protective Cover
  • Limited 1-Year Warranty

What It Captures:

  • 4K at 30FPS
  • Varied Film Stock Emulators
  • Excellent JPEGS
  • Street Photography Scenes
  • Lifestyle Images


  • 26.1MP APS-C X-Trans BSI CMOS 4 Sensor
  • X-Processor 4 Image Processor
  • Fujinon 23mm f/2 Lens
  • Hybrid 0.52x OVF with 3.69m-Dot OLED EVF
  • FUJIFILM X100V Digital Camera (Black)
  • FUJIFILM NP-W126S Li-Ion Battery Pack
  • USB Type-A to USB Type-C Cable

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