Fujifilm X100V APS-C Digital Rangefinder Camera

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    Nostalgic Camera Body

    Fuji is no stranger to well-crafted cameras with a nostalgic body. The X-100V looks like it belongs on your grandpa’s camera shelf (which we love), all while boasting impressive specs.

    The classic aluminum body and analog-inspired controls give it a tactile feel reminiscent of film cameras.

    Fuji X100 V 9

    Tactile Dials

    Forgive us, but we're all suckers for dials and buttons here. It's such great reassurance to know your settings are set to what you wanted and are there to check at a quick glance. No need to squint at a screen, they're just there. The phrase "dialed in" exists for a reason and we just love to use it.

    Classic Fuji Colors

    Fuji’s 17 digital Film Simulations are stunning straight out of camera. Think of them much like Lightroom presets but built-in to your camera with no post processing required. They allow you to enhance your image with film stock emulators while you shoot. Some are soft and subdued, while others are bold and vibrant.

    Fuji x T4 DSCF0448

    New Fixed Lens

    The X100V features a new, compact 23mmF2.0 lens, making it perfect for street photography and a great go-to lens for everyday shooting. The lens has been enhanced for better resolution, lower distortion and improved close focus performance.

    Its compact size makes it an ideal camera for travel or the perfect body for everyday carry. Let's be real, we stopped lugging around our DSLRs years ago.

    Fuji X100 V 15

    Check out Taylor taking the X100V out to the streets

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