The Best Laptop Bags for Traveling Digital Nomads

Having troubles finding a laptop bag that fits all the boxes? Here’s our top 9 favorite backpacks and totes to carry. your laptop and daily accessories for the remote worker.

The WANDRD Duo Bag Review

The perfect laptop bag makes carrying any personal items (including your laptop, of course) during commutes or travels a breeze. The best laptop bags are versatile, portable, and spacious enough to store daily essentials and devices. They must be practical without sacrificing stylishness and be high quality enough to last a lifetime.

As a team of remote workers and digital nomads, we know how difficult it is to find the perfect package that fits all boxes. Lucky for you, through time and experience, we’ve gathered our expertise to give you the one-stop list for finding the right laptop bag. Plus, we sell all of these in the shop linked below. Take a gander.

At A Glance…

To Know:

The backpack to work anywhere, travel everywhere. Whether spilling your morning coffee or getting caught in a rainstorm, the waterproof materials will protect your gear. The interior organization was intuitively designed so gear management is simple. Padded and breathable shoulder straps are comfortable all day for both women and men. A unique side access zip makes it fast to grab gear without unloading your pack. A bag that stands on its own is important, so we designed the base so the bag doesn't fall over when it’s set down. Available in two sizes, you can pick the right bag for your frame. Part work, part traveler… This is the minimal daypack we always wanted.

What We Love:


Low profile padding for extra protection against drops. The laptop and tablet compartment is designed so that your devices never bump the ground. The pack's made of rugged recycled Kodra fabric with a double-layer waterproof coating. You'll never feel you have to baby this bag, because it's just tough


You wouldn't think this is a camera bag by any means, it looks like one of those cool skater bags (that's where it got its inspiration), however, there's a trick up its sleeve. With the MTW Camera Insert, you can turn it into a fully functional side-acess camera bag in an instant.

The Details:

Brand: Moment

Product Type: Laptop Backpack

Best For: Everyday carry, one-day sightseeing, and short outings

Moment MTW backpack olive 17 L thumbnail


MTW Backpack

The minimal daypack you always wanted is here! The Moment Travelwear Backpack 17L or 21L has a classic look, ultimate organization, camera insert compatibility

Buy for $99.99

To Know:

Built for quick access, high-quality protection, and configurable organization, the completely redesigned Everyday Pack from Peak features a sleek, clean profile, high-grade hardware for extra protection, and minimal straps. After collecting years of feedback from users, Peak upgraded their award-winning pack with style and function upgrades. 400D weatherproof exterior shell is proudly more sustainable than the previous model. 3 Flexfold divider system makes it easy to stack photo, video, or everyday gear in a way that works for you. And a dedicated back sleeve for a laptop up to 15” to keep everything safe and sturdy against your rear. High-grade hardware, like the newly designed MagLatch, makes quick top access easy with dual side compartments topped with waterproof zippers. Plus the sleek profile is awesome for daily commutes, coffee shop dates, or extended travel.

What We Love:


The evolution of the already awesome Everyday Backpack, this V2 version is refined and slightly simplified, but keeps all core futures the V1 had. I have to say, I'll be a bit biased here, the V1 is my absolute favorite backpack of all the packs I own (and I have too many). Peak Design nailed this even on the first run. The pack is a true everyday backpack that really does everything you throw at it, and does it all in superior style. The FlexFold dividers, which Peak ingeniously designed, allow for unrivaled customization of the innards of the bag. It doesn't matter what kind of gear you have, you'll be able to conform the bag around it, and most of the time just by flipping the dividers in the desired positions. The interior pockets are made from stretchy material that will take up space when needed and contract when not. Magnets all over the bag help keep everything tidy.


This is the least talked about feature of this bag, yet it's IMO the most important. Finding your gear fast and easily is essential when you wanna get to it in a fleeting moment. The bag gives you full, all-open, side access to its main compartment with big flaps. You'll be able to take out any stuff you need without the bag touching the ground, even if you are holding a camera in the other hand.

Peak Design Everyday Camera Backpack 30L Charcoal 01

Peak Design

Everyday Backpack v2 20L / 30L

One of the best camera bags that is also an everyday backpack now got better! Peak Design Everyday Backpack 20L / 30L V2 is comfortable, durable, sustainable

Buy for $299.95

To Know:

The Jumper Backpack is simple, minimal vibe on the outside. Camera protection on the inside. Its minimal design on the outside is perfect for city exploration. While it’s organizational options on the inside makes it easy to carry any combinations of a dslr, single lens, drone, or small tripod. With a dedicated sleeve for your laptop and enough space to fit some clothes, this is our new go-to day pack. The design is super pared back. No extra bells or whistles. And with 10 super fun colors, we might need one for every day of the week!

What We Love:


Camera bags are typically bulky, overly technical, and scream ‘expensive equipment inside!’ This bag is cool old-school backpack on the outside and a functional, effective camera bag on the inside.


Easy side access to your camera, means your camera is ready for you at the drop of a hat. Sneaky phone pouch is snug with a secure fit. Front door access to all of your gear allows you to stay organized.

The Details:

Brand: Brevitē

Product Type: Camera Backpack

Best For: Everyday camera carry, one-day photo-video shoots, travel

Moment Brevite JPR TAN 001 Jumper Backpack Boulder Tan thumbnail


Jumper Photo Backpack

You'd love a 90’s Jansport bag on the outside, a camera bag on the inside? The Jumper Backpack by Brevite is it! Fits a 15" laptop and has a side tripod holder

Buy for $169.99

To Know:

Peak Design’s take on the classic tote bag, the Everyday Tote 15L combines clean aesthetics with thoughtful functionality to protect, organize, and give quick access to your every day or photo gear. An extra-wide top access point seals via magnetic clasp or weatherproof zip. Inside, FlexFold dividers give customizable and protective storage.

What We Love:


Peak Design created a beaut with this bag. Such a class in a traditional form factor, but bringing modern elements into play. The features start with the magnetic closure Peak is known for, go through organization, and even extend to the outside of the bag with external carry straps.


The ingenious design on the inside takes form in Peak's patented FlexFold dividers. As the name insinuates they flex and fold giving you a huge variety of configuration options supporting a wide variety of camera gear. Your stuff will be safe and sound in its place even if you're running after a train. The design also hides the fact that it's a camera bag for additional safety.

The Details:

Brand: Peak Design

Product Type: Tech Tote

Best For: Everyday carry, grocery shopping, camera carry

Moment peakdesign BEDT 15 BO 2 everyday tote 15 L bone thumbnail

Peak Design

Everyday Tote 15L

Wanting a tote that's both functional and looks great? The Peak Design Everyday Tote 15L combines clean aesthetics with functionality and gear organization

Buy for $149.95

To Know:

The Errant Pack connects with 18 modular accessories providing a level of adaptability that will transform your daily carry. Fluid organization, modular components, and effortless access keep creative tools organized, camera gear at hand, and a space for anything and everything. The minimal and sleek design seamlessly transitions to suit the commuter, photographer, and adventurer.

What We Love:


Boundary Supply designed this backpack to be your go-to whatever you do or where ever you go. The bag is made to be an EDC bag, however, with modular add-on compartments, you can turn it into a well-organized camera bag. Of course, they've made this simple by everything clicking in with magnets (who doesn't love magnets!?).


Not only does this bag have a ton of super easy-to-access pockets, and a dedicated weather-sealed tech compartment, but it also features an enclosure not many bags have. They call it the "wet-dry compartment" a really nifty folding water and odor sealed part of the bag on the bottom, where you can put your wet smelly stuff when you're on the way home from the gym, or have done a huge hike.

Moment Boundary Supply SQ0323996 Errant Pack Hymassa Tan thumbnail

Boundary Supply

Errant Daypack 22L

Tired of stuff sloshing around in your pack? The Errant Pack's fluid organization, modular components, and effortless access keep your creative tools organized

Buy for $219.00

To Know:

The PRVKE Camera Backpack 21L is a lightweight solution to carrying your camera, laptop, and everyday essentials. That confusing name is pronounced “provoke”, and after using this backpack for a while, we’re provoked to carry our cameras with us a lot more often. The minimalist style says streetwear, but the materials and technical design are straight out of the backpacking world. We didn’t think a backpack this small could fit this much, look this good, or inspire us to carry all our gear to more places, but the WNDRD PRVKE 21L does just that. With the configurable extras and lifetime materials, the PRVKE is along for the journey.

What We Love:


Wandrd is known for its sleek design, and the PRVKE line of bags is a prime example. I mean come on, even the name is minimal... The no-frills utilitarian design perfectly blends into the urban jungle. That being said, less is more in this case, because this bag hides a plethora of features like magnetic tote handles, side access, ruggedness, and great weatherproofing, on top of what you'd expect an EDC bag to have.


The roll-top closure of the PRVKE is not just for show. When unrolled it gives you extra space in an instant to stow away extra gear, and when you don't need it just roll it up again to save space. Of course, you can turn this bag into a camera backpack as well with the addition of camera cubes, which are designed to perfectly fit the bag and allow quick access to your camera.

The Details:


Product Type: Camera Backpack

Best For: Everyday carry, camera carry, adventuring, travel

Moment WANDRD PK21 GN 1 PRVKE 21 Wasatch Green thumbnail 01


PRVKE Camera Backpack

Shop the Wandrd PRVKE 21L & 31L camera backpacks in all of their colors. Perfect for daily carry and light weight camera photo missions.

Buy for $175.20

To Know:

The Rennen Recycled Daypack was inspired by classic styling and a mission to rethink what is possible with recycled materials. The silhouette provides a familiar look and offers extreme comfort. Recycled materials join together with Boundary’s technical build, quality, and modular upgrades to bring this series of products to a new sustainability level that soars above industry standards.

What We Love:


Boundary Supply is gaming for high goals with its Rennen line of products. They are using 60% recycled sources including 100% recycled RE-3™ materials for these products. This doesn't mean however that the bags are any less than ones made from new materials, on the contrary, they are tough and made to handle everyday life and look great doing it.


The simple lines of this bag make it look natural on your back. The inside has great organization pockets and magnetic attachment points for camera inserts that you can add in if you wanna turn it into a camera bag.

Moment DPS CD CLY Rennen Recycled Laptop Daypack 22 L Clay thumbnail 01

Boundary Supply

Rennen Recycled Laptop Daypack 22L

Are you environmentally conscious? The Rennen Recycled Daypack was inspired by classic styling and a mission to rethink what is possible with recycled materials

Buy for $129.00

To Know:

Roaming the busy streets of London's Dalston area demands a capable everyday carry solution that can adapt to the unexpected. With its sleek silhouette, side-access pockets and enough capacity for all-day adventures, this bag will be your new best friend from sunrise to sunset.

What We Love:


This is the less-is-more bag you've longed for. The design is as simple as it gets, yet it still looks and feels great. The roll-top closure gives you extra room when you need it and saves space when you don't


The simple design comes with super functionality. The two huge side access zippers on the sides mean you'll be able to access almost all of your stuff without taking the bag off your shoulders. This is a great feature you'll learn to appreciate when you are in wet and dirty conditions with nowhere to set your bag down. The cushy padded camera compartment is gonna keep your gear safe and secure, no need for an additional camera cube.

F-Stop Dalston Backpack Orange 01


Dalston 21L Urban Camera Backpack

Looking for a comfortable camera day-pack? The F-Stop Dalston backpack offers a sleek silhouette, side-access pockets and enough capacity for all-day adventures

Buy for $99.99

To Know:

Not too big, not too small, not too fancy, not too simple, our Rover Pack is the Goldilocks of rucksacks. We wanted a pack that had a timeless silhouette but also wanted to make sure its functionality wasn't stuck in the dark ages. The Rover features a rugged 1000D Cordura® base for durability and a lightweight, water-resistant pack cloth upper with a cinch closure. Two exterior zipper pockets give quick access to smaller items, an inner laptop sleeve keeps computers secure and two side pockets for carrying water bottles or extra gear which can be cinched tight with the side compression straps.

What We Love:


Oh wow, if you are one of those people who is longing for simpler times, this is the pack for you. The whole design of this bag is filled with oldie but goldie features, from the top flap and buckles to the cinch-top closure, all the way to the wide zipper pocket. It looks fun and brings back a golden years vibe with modern materials.


This is the only backpack on our list here that is not designed specifically for camera carry (of course, you can put a camera cube in it, if you really need to). It only has one big compartment that you can fill with a bunch of stuff. It doesn't wanna be more than just a backpack that you throw your everyday stuff in and go about your day. It's simple and does its job like a champ.

Topo Designs Rover Camera Backpack Navy Red 01

Topo Designs

Rover Pack

Looking for the perfect backpack for everyday use? The Topo Rover Pack is not too big, not too small, not too fancy, not too simple, and definitely functional

Buy for $99.99

How We Tested:

This team knows bags. We live and breathe easy-carrying solutions for unique travels and daily outings. These camera slings have been tested through various situations between our creatives and Gear Guides. Hope you enjoy it!